Eagle Scout Arrives At South Pole


Eagle Scout Aaron Linsdau became the first American to make the round trip from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back on Jan. 21.

Linsdau began his journey on Nov. 2, 2012 and traveled 1,413 miles by foot, sled and skis.

This was a good chunk of Linsdau’s gear, including more than 100 pounds of butter.

The feat is so rare, that more astronauts have stood on the moon than have succeeded in making trip.

Linsdau trained for six months, doing high-intensity activities like running, biking and dragging a tire in order to prepare for the trip. While on the trip he dragged 330 worth of gear and ate more than 6,000 calories per day. A third of his diet consisted of pure butter, a fatty, calorie-rich source of fuel.

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  1. That butter part is gross. But my sister would do that. Bite a stick of butter and actually think it tasted good. 😛

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