Dog Shoots Man

A 53-year-old California man was injured this weekend when his dog accidentally shot him with a shotgun. The man, who was hunting with a partner near Los Banos, Calif., set down his shotgun with the safety on so he could retrieve decoy ducks.

His dog, a female black Labrador retriever, stepped on the gun, disengaging the safety and pulling the trigger. The gun fired a shell with No. 2 shot, and the man was hit in the upper left side of his back. He was treated and released from the hospital that same day.


  1. Thankfully it was just no.2 shot, about the half size of a BB.

    He will be OK. 🙂

    And he must have been using a Remington 870, it’s the only shotgun that has a trigger guard safety that could be set off by the dog.

  2. Ok, first of all, the man should have put the gun with his partner or against a tree. Second, I know this is a freak one-in-a-million chance, but safeties should probably be harder to disengage.

  3. i completely disagree with all of the people who say that the dog belongs in a pound. it was an accident.

  4. guys for one thing it was a freak accident, secondly it says he put his gun down to retrieve the decoys, and most hunters keep their gun loaded and ready while hunting, and he was shot but it was not serious. that’s amazing though.

  5. this is pretty weird and funny. I mean think about it front page ” dog goes to jail for shooting man with shotgun.” Akward!

  6. nobody (even a dog) deserves any punishment of any kind for an accident
    though i dont know how a dog could do that

  7. Well first of all you should never put your gun on the ground.
    Second of all why would you have your dog with you…

    • The dog was a Labrador retriever. They are hunting dogs. You shoot the duck when it is in the air, frequently it lands in the water, marsh, or somewhere other than at your feet. Dog retrieves duck. Retrievers; they’re not just for sticks anymore.

  8. He served him right, you’re not supposed to set you’re gun on the ground! But I do feel sorry for him 🙁

    • I DID NOT SERVE HIM RIGHT.I mean,the master didnt know the dog was going to pull the trigger by accident!Thats not somthing to keep in mind when hunting with your dog.thats gotta hurt.

  9. The dog should NOT go to the pound. It was the master’s fault. I totally disagree with all of you who say the dog should be sent to the pound.

    • I have takeen a 12 hour hunter sefty course and I say it was the mans fault he shoud have put the gun somewoer off the groud !!! the dog is inushent!!!

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