Curiosity Celebrates One Year on Mars

Aug. 6 marks the one-year anniversary of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover landing on the Red Planet.

In case you’re not familiar with the story, click here.

During its first year on Mars, Curiosity has captured more than 71,000 images, fired 75,000 laser shots to investigate rocks and soil and drilled into two rocks for analysis by the two of state-of-the-art mini labs housed inside of it.

Now, Curiosity is now speeding toward Mount Sharp, a massive 3.4 mile mountain that stands about 5 miles from Curiosity’s landing site. Here’s a video tour of everything that Curiosity has seen in the past year.


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  2. That is so cool that they have been taking pictures of Mars for a year. I hope that they aren’t still looking for life on there, because there is or wasn’t ever life on Mars.

  3. To Wise Guy: Was that ‘DUH’ thing to me? And if it was, I know what there doing, but there doing mostly to find life, which they won’t find.

    • That’s why they are taking rock samples, sort of, because they are looking if there was life in the past, not if there is life now. To find life now, they have to get very complicated tools and machinery, so for now, they’re looking into the past. It’s very complicated.

      • Thing is, God never made life on Mars or any other planet, but Earth. So…….. it it’s not very complicated at all. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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