Check Out This Year’s Coolest Concept Cars

In the July issue of Boys’ Life magazine, I wrote a story about the coolest new concept cars of the year. Here’s the list:

Chevrolet Corvette Z06


This supercharged V-8 racecar will likely hit showrooms later this year. It boasts 625 horsepower and will reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The interior features a flat-bottomed steering wheel, sport seats, leather and carbon-fiber finishes throughout.


Kia GT 4 Stinger


Kia’s new concept has a turbocharged 2-liter engine, producing 315 horsepower. Carbon fiber is used all over the coupe’s frame to reduce weight. The interior is detailed with molded leather seats, red stitching and aluminum pedals. And instead of typical door handles, the GT4 uses pull straps in the tradition of racecars from the early 20th century.

Toyota FT-1


The sporty coupe looks more like a Batmobile than your average road car. While the FT-1 isn’t likely to be produced, it was still one of the most impressive cars at the auto show. It features a transparent engine-revealing hood, wraparound windshield and a steering wheel-mounted info panel.


Cadillac Elmiraj


This speedy coupe concept features a twin turbocharged V-8 engine and boasts 500 horsepower. Its dashboard offers a futuristic transparent speedometer, plus the high-resolution screen displays navigation info from its forward-facing camera.


What Is a Concept Car?

Concept cars are automotive test models that automakers use to show off new designs, technology and features. Some concept cars are eventually built on a large scale and sold, but usually these rides are just for show.

Want to see more cool concepts? Click here to see the photos and read the story.


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