Check Out This Massive Solar System Model


It’s easy to forget just how impossible massive our solar system is. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to accurately portray the solar system to scale. For example, the illustration below is wildly inaccurate. Sure, it’s a nice visual, but it doesn’t demonstrate just how much space is actually out there between the planets.


Why not? The truth is, the Sun, the planets, and all the space between is actually so humongous that we can’t properly capture their mass — and orbits — on paper or in an illustration or model.

The most accurate representation that I’ve found for displaying the solar system to scale, can be found here. Click the link to find a cool infographic that lets you endlessly scroll through the solar system. Still, it’s tough to grasp what the solar system looks like as a whole.

Thankfully, filmmakers Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh have made that feat of imagination a bit easier. They built a massive solar system model to scale in an empty 7-mile stretch on a dry lakebed in Nevada. The results are epic. Check it out below:


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