Check Out These 6 Record-Setting Weather Moments

Weather is weird! Here are six of the most unbelievable record-setting moments in Earth history.

Highest Temperature 

134 degrees

July 10, 1913

Death Valley, California

Death Valley holds the record as measured by an official weather station. Scientists using satellites to analyze remote locations have recorded temperatures as high as 159.3 degrees in the Lut Desert of Iran.


Lowest Temperature

128.6 degrees below zero

July 21, 1983

Vostok Station, Antarctica

Workers at this Russian research station have to breathe through a snorkel that warms up the air before it enters their lungs


Greatest Minute of Rainfall

1.23 inches

July 4, 1956

Unionville, Maryland

Water poured off of roofs “like Niagara Falls,” one observer said during this intense afternoon thunderstorm.


Driest Inhabited Place

0.03 inches of rain a year

Arica, Chile

This city of about 200,000 people in the northern Atacama Desert once went 14 years without a drop of rain.


Rainiest Month 

30.8 feet

July 1861

Cherrapunji, India

Monsoon rainfall every summer helps make this town one of the wettest places on Earth.


Largest Hailstone in U.S.

8 inches in diameter

July 23, 2010

Vivian, South Dakota

The 1.93-pound hailstone was two times bigger than a softball.


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