Can You Solve This Puzzle?


Take a look at the parking lot above. Can you explain the numbering system for each parking space?

Here’s a hint: there are several clues hiding in plain sight.

Give your answer in the comments.


  1. If you read it upside down then you will see the parking spaces read 86-91 in numerical order. The car is parked in spot 87.

  2. You have to look at it upside down. That’s the way cars would see it as they drive into the parking space.

  3. You guys are right, but I nearly twisted my neck the wrong way while trying to see your logic…

  4. Wow, it seems everyone is educated to turn things upside down, cause a solved it in 10 seconds only because I was trying to figure out those number meanings, and there parking spaces

  5. Why is everyone saying there answer? Somebody could just scroll down and see the answer then say they got it. Why even post on this one because nobody knows who you are so any sort of intelligence factor would be for nothing, and there’s no contest so why? Plus I’m a hypocrite I commented the answer too 😛

  6. It simply goes up by 1, each space, your just looking at it upside down.
    (p.s. I didn’t look at the comments before I figured it out.)

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