Calling All Writers: We Want Your Stories For Boys’ Life!

readerspageAs many of you know, part of my job is to read through all of the submissions for “Hobby Hows,” “Collecting,” “Ask Us Anything” and “Readers’ Page.” I know, it’s a cool job.

One of my favorite things to do is read through the awesome “Readers’ Page” submissions. If you are not familiar, “Readers’ Page” is a part of the magazine where kids like you can literally submit their own real-life stories. The can be funny, scary, adventurous or just about anything else, as long as their true.

I’m currently looking for new “Readers’ Page” submissions, and I thought I would give you all the first chance to submit your stories. Here’s the scoop:

Has anything exciting or funny happened to you lately? If you’re under 18, tell us about it. You will receive $25 if we print your submission.

Click here to submit a story.




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