Blue Waves

Visitors to the beaches in Southern California have been treated to a unique nighttime light show for the last several weeks.

Under the water, tiny organisms called plankton are in bloom, which means their population is exploding thanks to the right combination of nutrients and sunlight.

When jostled, the plankton undergo a chemical reaction that, at night, turns them blue.

Add it all together and you get one unusual natural phenomenon.

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  1. I experienced this while swimming at night in the back bay in Belmont Shores Ca. several years ago. The water would glow as I was swimming. I teased my buddies that I was radioactive. They were still on the shore and was being cautious about getting in when they saw the water lighting up.

  2. unbelievable amazing and it beats the huge jelly fish i saw by a long shot plus these guys put some stuff on the jelly fish so you could touche them they where burying them

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