Bigger Handheld

Nintendo’s new DSi XL is 93 percent larger than the regular DSi. While the camera tools, Internet connections and available software remain the same, the new screens measure 4.2 inches diagonally. Also, the “closed unit grew to 6.3 inches wide and 3.6 inches tall.”

The DSi XL comes with three pre-loaded games: “Brain Age Express: Math,” “Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters” and “Photo Clock.” The Nintendo DSi XL will be available March 28.


  1. I personally thought the DS/DSi was supposed to appeal for its portability. This kinda defeats the purpose.

    • I know but its supposed to be a
      thing they’ld like leave on the
      table. I saw the interview at

  2. That is huge. Why would you ever want that. You would never be able to take that traveling, it probably costs a ton.

  3. I thought that all video game makers would not come out with anything new in 5 years, as I read in the May 2009 article of Boys’ Life.

    • why would u want a dsi xl??? I mean, if it is bigger, wouldn’t that make it harder to carry around? And does it really matter if the screen is 1/2 inch bigger??? the normal dsi is fine the way it is. nintendo should make a new handheld, but not just making a newer version of an old one

  4. I have an original ds and it works just fine. Who needs a dsi/dsi xl. Just another way to earn even more money for the company. When something new comes out kids want it. Do we really need it no? A regular old ds works great and you can even play old gameboy games on it as well as all the new ds games.

  5. I think that the DSi XL would be a rip off. I mean it’s bigger but why does nintendo make another DSi? They should let kids have a handheld, portable system like the psp go or the ds. So people who are reading this, do not get a DSi XL ever. Let Nintendo make a better portable system.

  6. The point of handhelds is to be small and portable, neither of which is a “6.3 inches wide and 3.6 inches tall” block.

  7. why does this huge obese nintendo thing have to be more larger….
    It seems that it is though the nintendo company is desperate
    and doesn’t want to make a new system but instead make it larger
    which I think poorly of that

  8. Here’s the deal it’s worth $240 , it is even more when you use internet to buy DSi-ware games. It dosent have a slot for GBA games. A DS is around $90 at gamestop, they contain a game slot for both DS and GBA games. there’s no gain in buying a DSi XL

  9. who wants a bigger screen my ds lite works just fine when it breaks im NOT getting this. its kinda cool, but paying 180 at gamestop for 1″ bigger screen than the ds lite is a rip off

  10. we don’t need this! I’ve got a perfectly fine DSi which still works like a charm!

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