Is This The Best Basketball Shot Ever?


Former Cub Scout Matt DeMember from Monrovia, Md. has become an internet celebrity after the video above, of him draining an amazing last-second basketball shot appeared on YouTube.

The video shows Matt heaving a no-look, behind-the-back, over-the-head shot toward the basket with just a few seconds on the clock, and amazingly it goes in. While the shot didn’t win the game, Matt did win the respect of millions of basketball fans who watched the video online.

Since the video went viral, the ninth-grader has appeared on TV shows and websites across the world, including on CNN and ABC,, in the New York Daily News, Sporting and news outlets from Brazil, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Nicaragua.

BL spoke to Matt this week about the big shot and his new found celebrity status:

AR-130119447Can you describe the entire possession that resulted in the awesome shot?
Our team inbounded the ball with about 3.5 seconds to go. Since I knew there was not enough time to turn around, I just shot the ball. You can hear the buzzer go off when it is about to the net.

What made you shoot the ball like that?
I just wanted to get rid of the ball, and everyone was yelling, “Shoot!” because time was almost out.

Once it went in, what went through your head?
I couldn’t believe I made it. Then everyone from our youth group and from the other team rushed the court.

How does it feel knowing that the video has hit the web, and that millions of people have seen it?
It’s really cool and pretty crazy.  People from all over the world have contacted me.  My mom still won’t let me accept friend requests on Facebook from people I don’t know, though!  I think the video was up to 5.7 million views as of last night.

Aside from basketball, what are your interests?
I play football and swim on the swim team at my high school, and have played basketball since first grade.  This year I play basketball on my church team in the Christian Basketball Association league in my area. I also play bass guitar in my church youth group.  I have been to Nicaragua on a mission trip last summer, and I am going again this summer.  I sing in the concert choir, and was in two musicals in middle school. I plan to try out for “Seussical” at my high school this spring.






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