Asteroid Crossing

An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will pass by our planet this afternoon, but scientists say there’s absolutely no danger and no chance of the rock colliding with Earth.

At 6:28 p.m. Eastern time today, the asteroid will be 202,000 miles from Earth before going on its way. That’s closer than the moon ever gets to our planet, but still far enough away so that it poses no threat.

If an asteroid of this size ever did crash into land, it would cause a severe earthquake. If it crashed into the ocean, it would cause a giant tsunami.


    • Not one of this size, it would cause damage equivilant to about 1,000 megatons (or somewhere arround that number). For referance, the nukes used against Japan in WW2 were about 100 megatons. My numbers may be off, but it most certanly would have hit.

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