What If Samwise Was the Ring-Bearer?


This question comes from Jay who wonders, “What would have happened in The Lord of the Rings trilogy if Samwise Gamgee was the ring bearer instead of Frodo Baggins?”

First of all, cool question! We asked BL’s top Middle Earth trivia master, Art Director Kevin H., for his take and here’s what he had to say:

Great question! Actually Sam was a “Ring-bearer” for a while. When Frodo was attacked by Shelob, Sam came to the rescue and drove Shelob off. Sam then found Frodo and believed he was dead. At that point, Sam decided that it was up to him to fulfill the quest to destroy the ring. When a band of orcs approached Sam put on the ring to hide himself. He then overheard the orcs say that Frodo was still alive. Using the ring Sam rescued Frodo from the orcs and then restored both the ring and Sting to Frodo.

So, in a way Sam did actually serve as “ring-bearer,” just not as long as Frodo.


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