‘Angrify’ Yourself With New Angry Birds Web Tool

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You’re probably very familiar with Angry Birds, the hit mobile game that debuted a few years back. Now, there’s an Angry Birds Movie coming out, too.

What’s it about? A small paradise community of flightless birds has long lived peacefully, except for Red, a bird filled with constant anger. The birds got shocked by the sudden appearance of pigs led by Leonard on the island. The flock teams up to investigate the pigs and their intentions.

The Angry Birds Movie doesn’t hit theaters until next month, but you can get in the “angry” mood now with a cool new tool from the filmmakers. Here are a few examples from some of the Boys’ Life staff.

Associate Editor Clay Swartz
my-angrify-photo(1) copy
Senior Editor Bryan Wendell
Digital Editor Keith Faber
Pedro the Mailburro

Click here to ‘Angrify’ yourself.


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