All You Need To Know About The Giant Squid


You’ve likely seen photos of a giant squid, but you’ve never seen footage like this. A team of scientists have recently captured the first giant squid ever caught on film, after a four year hunt for the elusive sea creature.

After 100 sub dives and more than 400 hours spent searching, the crew finally caught a glimpse of a 10-foot-long, eight-armed giant squid. Here’s a sneak peek of the video:

While all giant squids are, well, giant, the size of some can be downright mind-blowing. The largest known giant squid was nearly 50-feet long, weighing as much as 600 pounds. Historical sightings of the giant squid led to representations in books such as Moby-Dick and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and any other depiction of the Kraken.

Click here to read all about the mysterious giant squid from our March 2006 issue.


  1. Maybe we shouldn’t have found it at all. Being so deep and so secluded may have been a lifestyle for the squid. Now maybe these squids are being hunted as a trophy for hunters who now know that this myth is true. Just like any other “mythical” animal in extinction, such as the Dodo bird found on a small island near Madagascar.

    • It took a large, expert crew more than two weeks to only get some footage. I doubt they will be overly hunted. Also, people have known the giant squid was real for a long time.

  2. Humble man has a good point. However, I’m sure that the only people who have good enough submarines to go that deep are people who are trying to help the animal, or the navy.

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