A Turtle’s New Feet

ATurtlesNewFeetA box turtle left home alone this summer had his front two legs chewed off by a raccoon. Lucky, who lived in his owner’s backyard in Petaluma, Calif., was rushed to an emergency animal hospital. It appeared he would need to be put down, but Lucky showed enough fight that his owner decided to try something unusual.

Veterinary surgeon Robert Jereb is known for finding uncommon ways to help injured animals. After seeing Lucky, Jereb went to a hardware store and picked out sliders that normally go underneath tables and chairs. Jereb stacked the sliders and surgically attached them where Lucky’s front legs had been. The surgery worked.

Now Lucky uses his back two legs to provide the power. The sliders on his front two legs provide balance and support. The sliders may need to be replaced some day because of wear and tear, but for now Lucky is using them to glide through a second chance at life.

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