At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month in Las Vegas, 3D was the place to be.

Four of the biggest TV makers in the world introduced new 3D high definition TVs at the show, including a 103-inch plasma screen from Panasonic. Scheduled for a release sometime this spring, Panasonic’s gigantic screen requires a pair of glasses that actually look pretty cool on their own.

The company did not announce a price, but 3D TVs are expected to cost about the same as the most expensive HDTVs currently on the market.

But 3D TVs don’t turn regular broadcasts into a 3D experience. In order to watch TV in 3D, you have to be watching a 3D broadcast. Currently, there isn’t much out there, but it’s coming.

ESPN will launch a 3D network this summer with a broadcast of a 2010 World Cup soccer game, and the network will air selected sporting events in 3D throughout the year.

You’ll also need those glasses, which can be worn over prescription glasses and will probably cost an extra $20-$30 each.  —Aaron Derr


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